making, scaling and supporting awesome start-ups

Denkventure is a start-up support platform. I help start-ups I am passionate about to build strong business strategies, execute them, and scale.

Can I apply?

Short answer is: no. denkventure operates on a referral-only basis. Feel free to connect via LinkedIn, but a direct referral will still be needed to be considered. denkventure only supports and invests in businesses I am personally passionate about. Main interest (in no particular order, and other products&services will be considered): technology, web, social value-added businesses, emerging markets, mobile, and… Read more →

Who’s behind this

denkventure is led by Dennis Keller. Dennis is a strategy and investment professional with expertise in technology, telecommunications, and mobile across a large number of emerging markets. denkventure selectively supports start-ups on a referral-only basis. Read more →